On Saturday July 30, 2016 episode 53 of Dragon Ball Super, which all fans are looking forward to, will be released. This episode will mark a before and after in this new series and we will finally understand the existence of an evil Goku and the ring he wears. We´ll also see the presentation of  Zamasu, the Kaioshin from universe 10, who according to the scene that we saw at the end of episode 52, appears to be a servant as he was seen walking with a table spread with tea and a serious look with every step. However, thanks to the collection of information could be obtained from post credit scenes from episode 53, we can make some educated guesses and analyze.

In the first scene we see Zamasu and another Kaioshin who looks much older. In fact, he carries a chest and apparently he is the true owner and responsible for protecting the time ring.

Inside the chest.

Wiss and Bills reach universe 10 along with Goku, appearing in Zamasu´s sacred planet. In the chest are the five rings, four of them are green but the fifth is a silvery tone, the same one Black was wearing himself. These events could be the cause of the creation of Black in Trunks’ future. Zamasu could have a plan to eliminate his companion and try to keep the ring, thus be able to control Goku's body and use it to his advantage to exterminate the entire human race and Saiyans that exist in the 12 universes. Althoughit isn’t official, it is more than clear that Black is Zamasu.

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 It is very likely that the facts of the future have been caused by the presence of Goku in Zamasu´s planet and seeing that he is an expert in martial arts with amazing qualities, he somehow took his body. But in this case, Trunks’ trip and Black’s presence in the present, altered the facts, i.e. they could prevent said plan.

The final battle.

it is absolutely clear that the final battle will take place in the future, with Vegeta, Goku and Trunks in which Black will face them with no trouble at all. If you want to find out more about Dragon BallSuper, I recommend that you subscribe to my Youtube channel, you will be aware of the latest news of this animated series.