As you possibly know, there is a new character that is almost confirmed as a Kai. This character has been introduced in the last issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump with the original design that was made by Akira Toriyama. We know that this character is called Zamasu, which shows that he is one of the few Kais with a real name (Kibito could be another, but in fact he is an attendant of the Supreme Kai and not a Kai itself). It is believed that Zamasu has been exiled by Zeno from some of the 6 universes that he destroyed, before the universes were only 12.


Now it is time to expand this theory. We know that the evil Kaioshins in the games are called Makaioshins, for example Demigra, the main antagonist in the game Dragon Ball Xenoverse, who was exiled to the Demon Realm.

The storyline of the Makaioshins is exclusive to the games and at the moment it has nothing to do with the manga or the anime, however, we believe that Akira Toriyama could adapt this storyline somehow. If Zamasu is a Kai and created Black for evil purposes or just for revenge he might have his reasons.

But what reasons? Our theory is that Zeno, before destroying the 6 universes, exiled Zamasu from his universe for not performing his duties as a Kai, and to be more specific, as the God of Creation. We know that Zeno got angry with Beerus and Champa for not taking care of their duties as the Gods of Destruction and for making a tournament without even asking the Lord of Everything. Zeno holds complete authority over everything in the world, so he must ensure that the Gods are fulfilling their tasks.

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So according to our theory, Zeno exiled Zamasu after being displeased with his actions, and he also destroyed his universe.

That's why Zamasu is looking for revenge in the remaining universes and created Black in order to achieve his goal. This would make Zamasu the first Kaioshin who was exiled and who turned into an evil being, something like a Makaioshin but from Dragon Ball Super and not from the games. For some reason Zamasu wants to destroy the Universe 7 first and creates Black, who is the evil counterpart of Goku and one of the strongest fighters in the universe. It is still unclear the way Black was originated, he could be the product of an evil resurrection of Future Goku, or he could have his DNA.