It seems that the next episode of Dragon Ball Super will give the fans two things to look forward to. First, the long-awaited reunion between Gohan of the present and Future Trunks. Second, the trip of Goku, Whis and Beerus to Universe 10 in order to interrogate Zamasu. Now, we will show you what the magazine Shonen Jump says about this interesting episode.

Episode 52

Title: "Master and Student Reunion - Son Gohan and Future Trunks"

"Trunks is bewildered by Present Gohan!" (It means that he was very surprised when he saw Gohan, due to the fact that the Gohan who shows up is totally different than the one he knew).

Summary: Even though he is from a different world, Future Trunks still wants to thank Gohan. Learning where Gohan can be found from Piccolo and the gang, Trunks goes off to meet him, but he's shocked to find Gohan completely different than he expected.


Bulma this week: Repairing the Time Machine

Bulma does maintenance work on the time machine so Future Trunks can return to his own world. She discovers that it gets its driving force from a particular energy (we believe that this is related to the fuel that the machine needs in order to work effectively, since Trunks only had enough fuel for a one way trip).

This synopsis provided by the magazine Shonen Jump is not sufficiently clear regarding Zamasu. However, it gives us a hint about how the reunion may be between Future Trunks and Gohan. The big question is: will Gohan pay attention to the critical situation of Trunks and start to train with him? Is this the same Gohan of the Golden Frieza Saga, who used to protect his family and train?

Unfortunately, it looks like Gohan will have just a secondary role in this saga.

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He doesn't appear among the main characters during the intro, while we can see Black, Zamasu, Vegeta, Goku, Future Trunks, Mai, the Pilaf Gang, Little Trunks, and Goten. This was to be expected, however, maybe Gohan will take seriously the Earth's defense if something bad happens, for example if Goku, Vegeta, or Trunks die. On the other hand, we will see how Bulma will manage to generate fuel and energy so the Time Machine can work again. Will she use the blue liquid that she got from Monaka's experiment? We'll see...