The television shows Doctor Whoand Gilmore Girlsseem quite different, right? Doctor Whoexplores the experiences of a time traveling English doctor, while Gilmore Girlsis set in a cozy New England town and shows the life of a mother and daughter. However, as we set into 2016, there’s some exciting news that is joining these two shows together. Alex Kingston, an English actress who is known for her role as the amazing River Song in multiple seasons of Doctor Who, is now going to make a cameo in Gilmore Girls.

From River to Rory

The actress won acclaim for her already iconic role as River Song, a strong-minded character that always could keep up with the Doctor.Although Kingston is recognized for her role in Doctor Who, she has also appeared ina number of other popular television shows.

Audiences have watched her as Elizabeth Corday in the hit 1990s television show ER, Dr. Blanche Mottershead in the British show Upstairs Downstairs, and was most recently seen as Dinah Lance in the American television show, Arrow.

This exciting news was announced at Florida SuperCon while on stagefor a discussion about her time on Doctor Who. When taking questions from the crowd, a fan asked the actress about her role on the upcoming Netfilxrevival.

All grown up

As the crowd cheered, Kingston discussed her history with Gilmore Girlsand how she frequently filmed for ERon the same lot as the show. She reminisced about how Gilmore Girlsstar Alexis Bledel has grown up and now is a mother. "She's all grown up," Kingston stated about Alexis.

"She's got a baby. I remember when she was so young." Kingston went on and stated that she will be playing an eccentric character in the upcoming revival series and spoke highly about the filming experience.

Gilmore Girlswill be released to an international audience sometime in late 2016, and as more news keep popping up, the public is getting more excited.

We can't wait to hear what else is next for the show.

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