Since the beginning of Snapchat-time Dj Khaled has been snapping away about his plants and telling the followers about the 'haters' - restaurant owners serving burnt food - who don't want you eat a proper meal. His conspiracy theories against "them" has helped the rapper amass millions of fans worldwide. In his Snapchat stories (Tip:you should follow if you're not) Dj Khaled keeps telling you about "they" (the' haters' - or the establishment if you into moonlanding-is-fake type conspiracy and want to dig deeper) not wanting you to succeed. Like Alice in Alice in Wonderland just follow his Snapchat-yellow brick road and you shall come out a wise person (Mind the plants on the way out, though!).

Major Key alerts.

Dj Khaled's 'keys to success' is the cornerstone - a sort of a Pokemon Go Holy Grail of clues - of the rapper's motivational talks. When a key logo shows up on the screen you should be on a high alert as he is about to give you a holy millennial testament that could transform your life from a low-key (how ironic!) hustler to a mogul. The Dj Khaled's revelation of a succession of symbolic keys would finally lead you to Snapchat-yellow brick road "path way" of success in The Da Vinci Code-Pokemon Go like trail. Catch 'em all!

Khaled-ism:The Commandments.

Dj Khaled's commandments have been categorized in the following list. Follow these rules and you shall be set free (in no particular order).

The following video is an example.

'Bless Up'

The next important pillar of faith in Khaled-ism is "'Bless Up". As the prophet himself suggests 'Bless Up' is something that you'd say when you deserve a treat for working hard for something or earning the prize. For instance, you might have bought a pair of sneakers because you got paid extra.

Or you got some other form of success in life. Bless yourselves up even if you worked out for 10 minutes in that day.

'Cloth Talk'

(note: not to be confused with Zayn Malik's 'Pillowtalk')

Whenever Dj Khaled has important meetings and doesn't want to be disturbed he Snaps away with a caption "Cloth Talk" referring to an important meeting with people wearing the same cloth as him - his peers and collaborators in music industry.

He would still make sure that the true followers are kept up to date with the going-on's lest the disciples think that their messenger has forgotten all about them.

'Another One'

Dj Khaled uses "Another One" as a motivational phrase when he works out or waters his precious plants. For his disciples it means to keep going in life, taking that extra step, doing that extra sit-up.It also refers to counting the number of blessings in your lives if you want to achieve what he has.


The lion statue that sits in Dj Khaled's garden represents his God. Whenever he goes to "battle" with the world (like get through a normal-looking day eating champaign-cereal for break first , watering plants and collaborating on a music video with Jay Z) he bows to the Lion God and says things like "Lion!!!!

Lion order! A lion weathers any storm".

'The Path way'

"The pathway to more success". Enough said.

'Playing yourself'

The phrase "Playing yourself" (my favorite) is directly aimed at "they" - the 'establishment' and the 'illuminati' sh*it conspiracy theories. If you catch Dj Khaled saying that to you that means you havedone something wrong and that "you been played". Don't buy the latest sneakers just 'because'. Don't listen to "they". It's a plot. "They" want your money. They want to keep you occupied so you can't think straight. Don't play yourself , my friend. Stop.

'I got the keys' ft. Jay Z.

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