Entertainment movie making specialist Rohit Dhawan is now a happy man as his latest movie Dishoomreached the big screens on July 29, 2016.

The initial reports coming out from the theaters suggest that this film has succeeded in satisfying critics as well as audiences, and it has already started its journey in emerging as a commercial entertainer.

It has John Ibrahim and Varun in the lead roles.The film showcases them in the characters of two daring detectives who are searching for a kidnapped Indian cricket batsman. They are now in theMiddle East and are on the hunt to find the culprits.

The manhunt lasts for 36 hours, and the duo comes out successfully in their mission.

In this course, they meet so many exciting characters. The audience will even see some bromance which develops between the two.

Akshey Kumarhas a funny sequence in the proceedings, and he makes his presence felt in style. The Sri Lankan beautyJacqelinesteals the show with her portrayal of a drug addict.

Watch trailer video:

Akshaye Khanna also appears on the scene after a long time. The yesteryear romantic hero has played the role of the main villain.

The chocolate star has undergone a massive transformation in his looks and mannerisms, and it is a real treat to watch him on screen.

The young directorhas given much preference to style than substance in Dishom.

The proceedings are loaded with funny scenes, but what makes this movie unique is its special treatment.

With the crisp screenplay and editing, the audiences will not feel a second of boredom, and the director deserves a proper round of applause for this.

Theaters all over India are now celebrating the grand entry of these courageous cops, and most of the screens have witnessed more than 90% attendance.

This flick was released after the Sulatan and Kabaali craze came down a bit. The earning on the first day are expected to be around Rs 10 crores and around 30-35 cr over the weekend,

In all probabilities, this cinema is going to emerge as an ultimate blockbuster in the careers of John and Dhavan.

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