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Oh, no! Fans are always sad to hear when their favorite celebrity couple call it quits, especially longtime partners, so this celebrity breakup is particularly saddening. It looks like after being together for ten long years, actress Diane Kruger and actor Joshua Jackson are calling it quits.

Why the huge decision? The couple have not shared a reason. Kruger and Jackson, who began dating in 2006, decided to separate on good terms and their spokesperson has shared with fans that their relationship ended on an amicable note and that the two remain very good friends.

However, this comes as a surprise to all fans. Kruger and Jackson were just spotted together in New York on a date this past weekend celebrating Kruger's birthday.

Leaving on good terms

Shortly after being seen together, though, Kruger did post a photo on her Instagram hinting about a breakup. But at that time, no one would have guessed.Despite being together for so long, Kruger and Jackson were never married. The couple shared with outlets that marriage was never a goal for either of them. Jackson claimed that they were not religious and did not need to stand in front of a priest to take commitment seriously.

Not to mention, both Kruger and Jackson are children of divorce, so it is not easy for them to see marriage as a "must."

Diane Kruger has certainly been busy lately, so that could have contributed to her sudden decision. She reached popularity when she starred as Sonya Cross on the series "The Bridge." Also, the actress recently wrapped up promotion for her movie, "The Infiltrator," in which she plays Kathy Ertz and stars alongside Bryan Cranston.

Kruger also has two Movies lined up to tackle next, "In the Fade" and "Tout Nous Separe," both set up for 2017.

Meanwhile, Joshua Jackson has had a less successful career. With his most popular role being on "The Affair," where he portrays as Cole Lockhart. Jackson has also had small roles in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," "Sky," and "Fringe."

Are you sad to hear the news of Kruger and Jackson's breakup?

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