Demi Lovato has reportedly already moved on after her recent split with longtime boyfriend former "That 70s Show" star Wilmer Valderrama and onto "Uptown Funk" hitmaker Bruno Mars. Following her recent split with Wilmer, Demi began posting photos and statements that she was happy to be a single gal.

Bruno Mars and Demi Lovato collaborating

That doesn't appear to have lasted too long. Despite the breakup, fans were hoping to see news that the on-again-off again couple were back on again as their past history has revealed many times to be the case. It may not be par for the course, this time around, though especially if Demi is really dating Bruno and the relationship takes a serious turn.

Demi/Bruno dating speculation went into full swing after Mars reportedly reached out to Demi's people in hopes of getting a meeting with the singer to talk about a possible collaboration in the near future. Sources close to Mars have revealed that Bruno has been hoping for the chance to meet Demi and get to know her better.

New celebrity couple possibility

The alleged new couple has reportedly been spending many hours together "collaborating" and attempting to keep the news of their "business meetings" a big secret. But in all fairness, even if it turns out that Demi and Bruno are really into each other Demi may feel that it is too soon to flaunt a new relationship in Wilmer's face. It is a respect thing after all, unless the former couple's relationship ended nastier than anyone has yet to reveal, then all bets could be off.

The former couple spent many years together with most of their family, friends, and fans believing it was the real deal between the two and they would eventually marry and start a family in the future. Coincidentally, Wilmer is also a free man now and his ex Lindsay Lohan is clearly having major relationship issues with her Russian fiance.

In fact, it appears as if they may have already called things off. Reports reveal the couple is at odds over a recent cheating scandal involving Lindsay's man and a "Russian hooker," LiLo's words that she shared via social media last Saturday night.

Will Lohan turn to Wilmer again?

Could it be that maybe Wilmer and Lohan will eventually reunite at some point down the road, or has Wilmer experienced enough relationship drama over the years?

What do you think about Demi Lovato and Bruno Mars as a potential couple, will it work for them, and do you think Wilmer and Lindsay will ever get back together sometime down the road?

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