"Days of Our Lives" is heating up just before their two week long hiatus due to the 2016 summer Olympic games. According to reports, a shocking pregnancy and a very surprising proposal will go down this week, and it will rock Nicole Walker's life, possibly forever. It will all start with Chloe Lane discovering that she is pregnant. Chloe, who is already the mother of son, Parker, whose father is the late fiance of Nicole, Daniel Jonas. Chloe will realize that she is expecting another child, and the father is none other than Deimos Kiriakis.

Chloe is pregnant with Deimos' baby

"Days of Our Lives" fans will watch as Chloe confides her pregnancy secret to her former flame and current friend, Philip Kiriakis, who just so happens to be Deimos' nephew. Philip will be kind and support Chloe, but Nicole Walker may see things in a totally different light when she finds out that Chloe is pregnant.Reports reveal that Nicole, who is still grieving the death of her fiance, Daniel, may start to fall for Deimos all over again. The two have gotten close in the past, but Deimos' relationship with Kate Roberts, as well as his evil ways, stopped the relationship in its tracks.

However, now that Deimos has decided to turn over a new leaf, Nicole will be drawn to him yet again. As "Days of Our Lives" fans know, Deimos has offered to give his brother, Victor Kiriakis, back half of the money he stole from him, as well as one of the companies. Deimos is also making amends for his part in Victor's wife, Maggie, being paralyzed. Thankfully, a new operation will likely get Maggie on her feet and walking again very soon.

Deimos pops the question, but will Nicole say yes?

As Nicole and Deimos continue to grow closer, the youngest Kiriakis brother will pop the question to his new love. Nicole will obviously be torn as she's still not over her relationship with Daniel, or his death. However, even if she is open to the marriage proposal, Chloe's big news about carrying Deimos' child may ruin the relationship before it even gets off the ground.

It seems Chloe will have the child of yet another man Nicole loves.

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