Brady Black and Theresa Donovan's baby was kidnapped on Days Of Our Lives. DOOL spoilers reveal that Eric Martsolf's character will ask Victor Kiriakis if he had anything to do with Tate's abduction. Could he have done it or is Victor innocent? Perhaps it is a little of both.

Victor would do anything to make Theresa suffer on 'Days Of Our Lives'

It is no secret that Kiriakis hates Jen Lilley's character with a passion. Victor always talked about what a horrible mother Theresa was. Out of everyone in Salem, he was the one person who shouldn't have seen Theresa doze off while out with baby Tate.As fans recall, Victor and Theresa got into an argument about her parenting skills.

Just before Tate's kidnapping, Theresa warned Victor not to try to get custody. Is the timing just a coincidence or did Maggie's husband have something to do with the abduction?

Did Victor blackmail Summer on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

On yesterday's episode, Summer revealed that she was blackmailed to kidnap Tate. However, she refused the job and fled town. Brady and Theresa caught up with Summer in Las Vegas and demanded answers. Even though she could not identify the blackmailer, Summer told Brady to question Victor Kiriakis about Tate's abduction.

Is she right about Brady's grandfather being involved?It seems possible that Victor did blackmail Summer. However, if Summer doesn't have Tate, then who does?

All signs point to Victor on 'Days Of Our Lives'

So far, everything is pointing to Victor on the NBC soap opera. He had motive and the hatred to make Theresa suffer the worst kind of loss any woman can go through. Not only that, but John Black (Drake Hogestyn) traced the number and it led to a dummy corporation.

It seemed to belong to famous composers, which of course are fake. However, it was teased that Victor's name will somehow be linked. Either someone wants Victor to take the blame or he didn't cover his tracks well enough.

What happened to Tate on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

It seems that Victor probably blackmailed Summer to kidnap Tate. However, when she took the money and ran, someone else took the baby.

This explains why at first, Victor wasn't worried. Once he realizedSummer didn't have Brady and Theresa's baby, he started to panic. Someone has Tate, but who? Where are they? Will Tate be returned? Fans will have to wait to find out.

Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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