AidenJennings just won't give up on Hope Brady. Days Of Our Lives fans are divided on the former couple. Should Daniel Cosgrove's character continue pursuing the woman he loves? Is he not right for her at all? Is Aiden even Aiden or is he an imposter? DOOL spoilers for next week reveal that the soap opera character is not giving up and will come up with a new plan.

Aiden will not win Hope back on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Even though Aiden Jennings is still in love, Kristian Alfonso's character has made it clear that she hates him.

She has good reason for her feelings, but is he really guilty? Although he is trying to convince everyone of his innocence, nobody believes the resurrected attorney. The blood test results sealed his fate. He really should listen to Hope Brady, leave Salem, and start a new life. However, his desperation just digs him further into trouble.

Aiden forced to work with Andre again on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

Last week, Jennings have Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) a piece of his mind. Horrified that the recently released con tried to kill Hope and Rafe (Galen Gering), he got into a physical altercation with DiMera.

That didn't end too well for Aiden, though. He later went to the hospital and made up an excuse how he got hurt. However, he never got his injurieslooked at because Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) hates him as much as Hope does. Suddenly, he realized that Hope was alive. He also realized that there is no easy way out of Andre's clutches.

Will Aiden have no other choice but to work with Andre in order to make his plan succeed?

What plan has Aiden come with on 'Days Of Our Lives'

There is no way for Aiden to prove his innocence, especially with the results of the blood work. He will either have to confess he was working with Andre or somehow set up DiMera. What other plan could he come up with? However, no matter what he does, Hope will never trust him again. It's a losing battle for Aiden Jennings.

What do you think is going to happen next week on Days Of Our Lives?

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