Playboy model Dani Mathers is in hot water. After fat-shaming a fellow gym member by posting her picture on Snapchat and insulting the woman, Mathers has not only been banned from all LA Fitness gyms for life but she also has been suspended from her job as a regular on a popular LA radio show. To make matters worse, the invasive photo was turned over to police and Mathers now faces possible criminal charges.

"If I can't unsee this then you can't either" is the message that Dani Mathers posted alongside a picture of a naked woman in the sauna at LA Fitness side-by-side with a picture of Mathers covering her mouth in dramatic horror.

The Snapchat photo not only violated the other gym member's right to privacy but it was also a pretty horrible way to humiliate someone who was right there with her in the gym trying to better her own health.

Is Dani Mathers in legal trouble?

A spokesperson for LA Fitness spoke about the incident and assured everyone that they are taking the matter very seriously. In addition to banning Dani from all of their facilities for life, they also handed the picture over to police for further investigation.According to multiple reports, if the woman in the picture comes forward and identifies herself, that could be bad for Dani Mathers' freedom.

Because she posted a picture of another naked woman online without her consent or knowledge, the Playboy model could end up facing six months in prison for the violation. Not to mention that the woman in question could also file her own lawsuit and seek punitive damages.

Social media backlash for Mathers was strong

Dani Mathers has since deleted the Snapchat photo and even apologized for making such a huge mistake.

That doesn't undo the fact that she posted a photo of a naked woman online without her consent as she made fun of and fat-shamed the woman.

Even after deleting the photo, screenshots are still out there and another woman is hurt by what she did. The backlash against Mathers on social media has been swift and harsh. Many other models have condemned Mathers' "joke" and blamed her and those like her for making others uncomfortable to change in the gym dressing rooms or to even go to the gym at all.

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