Salman Khan and Hrithik are two big favorites of Bollywood, and unfortunately, they are not sharing a good rapport with each other post an award ceremony which was conducted in Spain recently.

According to a TOI report published on July 11, 2016, Hrethik avoided Sallu during the event, and this move has not gone well with the Muscle Khan.

Credible reports claim that the two B-Town Celebrities took proper precaution while scheduling media breifings so that they will not bump each other. Jr. Roshan also bypassed a party hosted in Salman's cabin on the very next night after the gala function.

The reason behind their clash is touted to be a 'dance story' in which Daisy Shah is involved.

He had previously promised to perform on the stage during the grand occasion, and it required a female dancer to share space with him. When Salman came to know about this, he referred Daisy's name, but this suggestion was not well received by Hrithik.

Roshan believed that the presence of a stunning beauty like Shah would take away the attention of public from him. Within an hour, the Greek God met the organizers and informed them that he will not be able to perform in the program if She is made to dance with him.

Soon Salman heard about the issue, he became totally frustrated, as his fellow star did not show the decency to convey his hesitations on this regard..

In the midst of all these rumors, Hritik has come forward and has called these stories absurd and did not like to comment on the topic at all.

The macho man added that he is in touch with Salman, and talks with him whenever he gets a chance. The 42-year-old star also told that he might soon be watching a screening of Sultan.

Khan has helped him a lot during the early phase of his career. When he understood his desire to become an actor, he spread the young man's photo in his friends' circle.

The Krissh actor is currently passing thru a rough patch in his personal life after incidents of divorce with his wife and a legal spat with an actress.

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