Cynthia Bailey is making huge waves lately with some moves that are leaving her "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans baffled. After announcing her plans to divorce Peter Thomas unbeknownst to him, the "RHOA" star has been romanticly linked with a man from her past. Is Cynthia really planning to sell her home to move in with another man while leaving the Bravo reality show?

Cynthia Bailey shocks Peter with divorce plans

Seriously, Cynthia has so much going on in her life right now that it's amazing she can keep up. The model-turned-reality star said during the Essence Festival last month that she had plans to go forward with divorcing Peter Thomas.

The couple have been separated for months with reports that Peter had taken up residence in Charlotte where he recently opened a new bar and Cynthia staying in their Atlanta home.

Now there are reports that Cynthia and Peter are selling their Atlanta home. It has been suggested that Cynthia has plans to move in with her daughter's father Leon Robinson. The two have been spotted together a few times recently. Despite their daughter being nearly an adult, Cynthia and Leon are reportedly trying to rekindle their relationship, much to Peter's outrage.

Does Cynthia's new life include 'RHOA'?

If Cynthia ends up moving in with Leon, she will have to say goodbye to Atlanta. Leon Robinson lives between New York City and Los Angeles and Cynthia has already been spotted going back and forth between the cities as well.

Tamara Tattles reported on Monday that in addition to a new life and a new man, Cynthia might be making some new career moves too. Is it really possible that Bailey would consider giving up "Real Housewives of Atlanta?" If the reports are true, in the midst of so many other life changes, Cynthia is also considering leaving "RHOA" so she can put more energy into her own businesses and her daughter's modeling career.

That would make sense if she's trying to live between Los Angeles and New York with Robinson, considering both cities are important for anyone working in fashion.

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