Sorry Hulu users, you'll no longer get access to the CW shows the day after the episodes air. The network has made a deal with Netflix, which will see the full season available eight days after the season ends. The catch is fans will need to wait until the season finale of their favorite shows before they get to watch all the episodes.

Why isn't the CW working with Hulu anymore?

It's understandable that Hulu users will be upset. In fact, some people got a subscription to the service just because of this benefit. The issue was due to a lack of agreement between the service and the network. Hulu wanted access to all the episodes of the season, but the CW wanted to stick to the five most recent episodes.

Hulu refused to back down, and so did the network.

The CW chose to turn to Netflix for a streaming deal instead. Rather than episodes being available to stream the day after they air, they will be available eight days after the season finale. This will be the whole season's worth of your favorites, likeArrow andSupernatural.For example, whenThe Vampire Diaries Season 8 comes to an end in 2017, eight days later the whole of Season 8 will be available on Netflix. You can watch it to your heart's content.

Will the CW episodes be available elsewhere?

If you rely on streaming to watch your episodes, what options do you have now? From next season, you'll be able to stream directly from the CW website.

This has been the place for many to watch episodes in full, but you will need to deal with the adverts; something that Hulu users were able to avoid. Another option is to record from the CW channel and watch later; again, with the adverts that you can at least skip through.There are other online viewing options through the CW site.

These will also have their limitations, including only being available for certain countries.This deal with Netflix is exclusive, which means the episodes won't be availabe anywhere else. It's the way Netflix is currently working to make sure it offers the best network for viewers. Hulu will just have to start creating exclusive deals, too.

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