Stassi Schroeder is ready for her new life as a single woman in Los Angeles, and according to a new report, fans could soon see the reality star on her own series. As she continues to film Vanderpump Rules Season 5, Schroeder has been speaking out about her split from Patrick Meagher and garnering rumors of a spin-off. On July 25, All About the Real Housewives shared a report about Schroeder and Meagher's split and mentioned the possibility of Schroeder's own series. The report also suggested a name for the potential show, Stassi In The City. Although Stassi In The City may be nothing more than a dream of her many fans at this point, the possible spin-off isn't exactly out of the question.

After all, Schroeder has an impressive fanbase and Bravo TV has been known to award their stars with their own series.

Stassi Schroeder isn't keeping her breakup a secret

While Stassi Schroeder's former boyfriend, Meagher, wasn't seen on Vanderpump Rules while they were dating, Schroeder isn't holding back when it comes to discussing their recent breakup publicly.


In fact, she went into great detail about their breakup during a recent episode of her successful Podcast series, Straight Up With Stassi.

On the show, Schroeder admitted to having ups and downs with Meagher and claimed they had parted ways due to their constant arguing. She also noted that she did not want anyone's advice when it came to the split. Instead, she preferred her family and friends offer her a shoulder to cry on.

Stassi Schroeder is on board with starring in her own show

During an interview with Fashion & Style in 2014, Stassi Schroeder addressed the ongoing reports of a spin-off, which were swirling at the time. However, while she was on board with the idea of her own show, she didn't seem to keen on sharing much when it came to her personal life and relationships.

"Oh I think that would be so much fun!" she said.

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"Anything having to do with fashion or being creative would be great. I'm getting a little tired of pouring my heart out and letting people see every facet of my life."

Stassi Schroeder and her co-stars, including Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, Ariana Madix and Jax Taylor, will return to Bravo TV at the end of this year for the 5th season of Vanderpump Rules.