Episode 47.

Episode 47 was where we first saw the villain of the Future Trunks saga, Black Goku, who is just Goku's body being used by Zamasu god king Kaio-sama, a character from Universe 10, who traveled to the future from Universe 7 with one objective: to get Goku's body. Akira Toriyama gives us a villain, who is a copy of our hero, by recommendations from the  creator of Dragon Ball AF, now illustrator and main ideologist of  Dragon Ball Super. The idea of having our hero as the main villain has always been within the imagination and hidden tastes of the fans and now it's been carried out thanks to the collaboration of a fan who had the courage to make an unofficial alternative continuation to Dragon Ball GT that has high quality drawings, good plots, arguments, and stories as well as character designs.

Goku Black's power.

Currently this is the favorite topic for fans. We saw a weak Black in a fight against Goku, with a level only slightly higher than the Super Saiyan phase 2, but while he was being beaten and was watching the techniques of his opponent, he increased his ki and changed his fighting style.


Make no mistake with this character. Akira Toriyama officially revealed to us via Shonen Jump magazine and Toei animation that Goku Black would be an evil character that would shake the 12 universes and have the strength to defeat Zeno Samaz.

Episode 50.

The exact opposite was seen in episode 50, if we consider what has been said by Toriyama,  for Black Goku to defeat  Whis and Vados would be no problem being that with his skills to adapt to the adversary that he faces, his Ki waves of black and dark purple color, and the same hand positions that Goku has that allow him to increase his power, has made him a very powerful enemy. We leave you a video with more information that can be seen below.

Dragon Ball Super episode 50 review: Goku vs Black! The path to the sealed future.

We can only wait and try not to speculate in vain.

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