Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin brought Michael J Fox on stage and recreated one of the most iconic school dances of all time. The famous ‘Yellow’ band were performing a show in New Jersey on Saturday night when Chris Martin granted his 10-year-old son’s wish of having his dad play his favourite song from his favourite movie ‘Back to the Future’.

Coldplay play Earth Angel and Johnny B Goode with Michael J Fox

Before the performance a video was projected on screen, a message from Chris Martin’s son Moses who voices his request, he says “Hi Dad, its your son Moses Martin, I was just was wondering if you could play a song from both of our favourite movie Back to the Future...I love you so much.

”, Chris replied to the video message saying “Ok son, alright, well if your son asks you to do something, then let’s try it...from our favourite movie of all time Back to the Future, let’s try it..let’s go.” Chris Martin’s band start playing the intro to Earth Angel. Chris paused a third of the way into the track and said “Ladies and Gentlemen, from the best movie of all time, please welcome Mr Michael J Fox”, Fox joined the band on stage to play the song and received a huge applaud from the audience.

Chris Martin went on to play another hit with Fox, they played ‘Johnny B.Goode’ in front of thousands of fans who went wild at the unusual performance. Fox and Martin rocked out on stage together and it is very clear that Fox had not lost his touch, his impressive guitar skills received a huge applaud from the crowd.

Fox did particularly well in the performance considering that he has Parkinson’s disease, he was sadly diagnosed back in 1991.

Coldplay mix up the set for final night in New Jersey

It was during Coldplay’s final encore that the Back to the Future star was brought out so it was a perfect way for Coldplay to end the evening.

It was also extra special and rather clever of Chris Martin as they had played in the same venue (NJ’s MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford) the night before, so it was good for the band to change up the set a little bit and to add something new so that they kept fans interested.

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