Ciara is scared beyond belief these days. She is very worried that her former fiancé Future may attempt to kill her current fiancé Russell Wilson very soon. Court documents revealed that Ciara is extremely scared for Wilson's life due to some recent messages that she feels are obvious threats that have been made concerning him.

Is Future planning to murder Russell Wilson?

One recent tweet posted by Future reveals several Football emojis followed by a number of handgun emojis pointing in their direction. This, in particular, has Ciara extremely concerned as she feels the tweet was directly targeted towards Russell.This is not the only threat the singer is concerned about.

She claims that Future's song that was released in June contains several references about "pulling up" on someone, which according to Ciara is a street slang referencing a drive-by shooting.

A brutal court case is going down between Ciara and Future

Unfortunately for Ciara, cutting all ties with Future is out of the question as the former couple share a son, baby Future, and must interact when it comes to parenting and visitation of the little one. The court docs filed were added on to thenasty $15 million dollar suit against Future that cites defamation and slander. Among her demands, the singer would like a judge to order that Future refrains from speaking out about the family via all social media outlets.

Reports also state that Ciara and Wilson are set to marry on Wednesday, July 6th in England in front of 100 of their closest family members and friends. Guests on the list include Lala Anthony, Kelly Rowland, and tennis player Serena Williams. Ciara and Wilson began dating in April of 2015 and became engaged last March.

Hopefully, the frightening feelings that Future may be in some way planning to kill Ciara's soon to be husband Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson turns out to be just a nervous feeling with no real merit. There is too much violence in the world, it would be nice to hear that these three could work out their differences and get along nicely for the sake of their young son.

On a happier note, congratulations go out to the happy couple on their upcoming wedding.

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