Following the criticisms issued by disgruntled fans, Chris Evans has decided to leave BBC’s Top Gear. Since the show’s rebooting after the previous hosts left, the show has suffered plummeting ratings, and this has prompted the TV host to step from his post.

His decision to quit Top Gear

On Monday, the 50-year-old host of BBC's flagship car show announced that he is quitting after this one series. He tweeted to his 2.31 million fans that he is stepping down from the car show. He said that he gave his best shot, but then sometimes it was not enough. He further praised the team, saying it is amazing and brilliant, and wished everyone all the best.

BBC's flagship car show's low ratings

The revamped car show has struggled to keep its big audience ever since it was relaunched in May this year. However, hosted by Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc (Friends), it merely gathered 1.9 million viewers to its season finale, which was aired last Sunday. Top Gear had 5.8 million viewers with the outspoken trio of Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson at the helm. It was a hard act to follow.

The BBC six-episode series had unfavorable reviews, and the ratings crashed. Moreover, there were reports of a breakdown in the relationship between the lead hosts -- Evans and LeBlanc. With the main host stepping down, it leaves Matt LeBlanc at the helm of the multimillion-pound program.

It is said that it is the BBC's biggest earner.

Announcement comes amidst sexual assault allegation

Chris Evans' decision to resign also came amidst widespread reports that Scotland Yard received a sexual assault allegation against him that dates back to the 1990s. Evans reportedly made the decision to quit the show weeks before he became aware of the Scotland Yard investigation.

Evan’s will continue to host his popular BBC radio breakfast show.

One of the iconic shows from the UK

Fans must have been truly disappointed on how the show fared. Top Gear is one of the iconic shows in Britain. Jeremy Clarkson burned rubber on the screen while making xenophobic jokes about the French and played unfunny practical jokes on his colleagues.

He also knew about the subject matter and narrated with authority and in imperious manner.

Evans fell short in view of all these. He lacked Clarkson's delicately crafted mix of flamboyance and cynicism. He reportedly seemed more like a wide-eyed kid in the subject matter and not an expert guide into the car world. It remains to be seen where Top Gear goes from here.

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