Fans of any of the One Chicago shows will be happy to know that all have started filming this week. Whether you want to watch Dawson and Casey together inChicago Fire or catch Detective Halstead inChicago P.D., you can see it all soon. The actors are even sharing photos on their social media channels of them filming.

When are the shows returning?

Chicago P.D.season 4 will be the first of the shows to return on September 21 on NBC. Jesse Lee Soffer, Jon Seda and Sophia Bush are all returning for the new season.

Soffer is one of the most vocal on social media and recently shared a post on Instagram to show that filming for the season had now started. It was just a simple shot of Chicago to say that they were back on location.

Jeff Deyer later shared a post on Twitter to show thatChicago Medseason 2 had started filming, with a comment about being back in Chicago. This is the second of the One Chicago shows coming back to the network on September 22. Filming has not quite started for this show yet, with expectations that setup will take place at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios ready for filming to start this week.

Chicago Fireseason 5 is the last of the three to come back, starting on October 11. Near West Side is slated to be the location, with filming starting this week.

What about 'Chicago Justice'?

There was supposed to be a fourth show joining the One Chicago production. Dick Wolf's latest production will still happen but not until 2017. Production is expected to start on the show in the fall, when the other shows make it to the network.

It is possibly going to be a summer show, which will allow for some extra crossovers between the different shows.

It will be a very busy season of filming inthe city.Fire, P.D.andMed will all have 22 episodes, and filming will all take place in the same city. It makes it much easier for a realistic setting and crossovers to happen between the shows. It is unknown whether there will be any crossovers this year.TheChicago shows are not the only ones filmed in the area, either.

Empire andPatriot also film in the area.

It won't be long beforeChicago Fire, P.D. andMed areback on screens. Which one are you most looking forward to?

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