Chelsea Houska has been keeping a low profile for a couple of weeks, even though Teen Mom has been airing on MTV. But while she was watching the previous season of the show, she was keeping a huge secret. Houska had probably taken a pregnancy test and learned that she was pregnant with her second child -- and tried with everything she had to keep it a secret. Since she’s already engaged and planning a wedding, one could argue that a baby fits right in.

According to a new report, Chelsea Houskarecently announced that she is pregnant with her second child and it is possible that her due date is just around Valentine’s Day. And while there could be plenty of planning to do in order to get ready for the baby, Chelsea also has a wedding to plan.

Is Chelsea finding a new wedding date?

Fans were quick to reach out to Houska to congratulate her on the pregnancy.

But since she's planning a wedding, some fans were wondering if she would be pushing the wedding until after the birth.

“Chelsea Houska congrats to you and cole!!! will you be postponing your wedding? #deboerbaby,” one person wrote to Chelsea Houska, who replied with, “No way! I am even more excited to be married now #deboerbaby.”

It sounds like Chelsea isn't planning on moving the date and she will just work extra hard to get that perfect wedding on the special date. And one can imagine that Aubree Houska is even more excited now that she will be in the wedding and become a big sister.

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Admits pregnancy was planned

Even though Chelsea Houska is getting married soon, she admits that the pregnancy was planned. Apparently, they had opened up to the possibility so they could expand their family shortly after their wedding.

“Not unplanned! But happened faster than we expected! Super happy! :) we are very lucky,” Chelsea Houska revealed on Twitter, adding, “I feel more nervous for some reason!

It’s been awhile and I want to do everything perfect.”

And it sounds it will work out just fine, as she doesn't have to deal with anAdam Lindsituation again. Unlike Adam, Cole plans on being there for her.

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