Chelsea Handler slammed Ivanka Trump for backing her father Donald Trump and she offered up some bizarre comparisons with her own father during this recent lambasting. Chelsea feels Ivanka is wrong to 'vehemently' go to bat for her dad when she should be warning the public instead. Well she backs up this train of thought by saying she loves her father very much, but if he were to run for president she'd make dang sure to get the word out there not to vote for him.

Do not vote for Chelsea Handler's dad

Why would she say such a thing? Because Chelsea believes that although her own father is a great guy, he is just not equipped to run this country and she'd make sure everyone would know that. She believes this is the stand Ivanka should take with her own father because apparently this staunch Hillary Clinton supporter sees Donald Trump as not being up to par when it comes to running the nation.

Do not vote for Ivanka Trump's dad

Chelsea, one of the funniest ladies alive today, is an expert in her line of work.

She's tops at making people laugh, but a comedian with a preoccupation with posting selfies of her naked breasts online is hardly the person to judge Ivanka Trump. Chelsea also added to her latest spew on the presidential raceabouthow she doesn't understand why people find Hillary Clinton unlikable.

Warm and fuzzy the fix?

Right there gives you a clue that Chelsea's probably not the best person to judge Ivanka's loyalties.

Many people believe that Hillary hasn't told the American people the truth about so many things, like the Benghazi attack and her emails.Because of this folks find her a hard woman to embrace. While she is far from being seen as a nice person, many find she has a lack of honesty that doesn't fit well for the job she's vying for. With that said, it's not until November comes around that will we know if majority see her as someone capable of being the next leader of the nation.

Chelsea said she doesn't care that Hillary is not the "most charming" person, because she's not looking to be best buddies with the woman. She wants her to run this country, she not looking for a friend in Hillary. Without having much empathy for others, which is another way people describe the former Secretary of State, running the country might be a tough job to do.

Self-serving candidate

History has shown that many of the things Hillary and her husband, the former President Bill Clinton,have done were for nothing more than their own personal agendas. One ofThe Wrap's archived articles refers to Hillary a "Stepford Wife for Wall Street." They claim she's had "poor judgement" and she's made choices out of her own "self-serving interest."

That is where the dislike comes in, it really doesn't have a lot to do with Hillary being the polar opposite of a warm and fuzzy person, it has to do with her tendencies to put her own needs first.

Instead of Chelsea chastising Ivanka for her choice of backing her father for president she might want to look at her own choice for president?

One dad has thumbs up

It looks like Ivanka is doing just fine supporting her dad, who many believe actually deserves her support. Chelsea might want to take a second look at Hillary's history before blaming Hillary's lack of charisma as the only problem that folks have with her. If it were only charisma, she might have a fighting chance.

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