Of all the fabulous women to come out of the “Game Of Thrones,"Daenerysis hands down the most fabulous. From her long, bright white hair and thick eyebrows to her stone colored gowns that wrap around the body, she definitely leads her people in style.Aside from her clothing, Daenerysjewelry is as fierce as she is. Her first major jewelry moment occurred early in the television series by way of a dragon-shaped necklace that was molded around her neck. This piece quickly cemented the character into styledom.

Dragon for sale

Now that the show is close to being over, fans everywhere are looking for ways to channel and cherish their beloved characters.

One unique way is to purchase up jewelry made by "Game of Thrones" costume designer Michele Clapton and jewelry designers Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom. Together the team created pieces that were both seen on and inspired by the television show and are sold on the website, MEY Designs.

Customers can shop pieces that range from a Drogon choker to dragon embossed stud earrings. There are twenty pieces available for purchase, and they range in price from under $100 to up to $2,700. All of the pieces incorporate a dragon motif in one way or another; some use the dragon form, while others are of dragon eggs and scales.

The makers of dragons

Michele Clapton told Mashable.com a bit more information about the already famous Drogon necklace seen on Daenerys and how it played into her design process, “The purity of the white dress and pure silver of the neck piece was designed to visually remove her from the fight pit that she disapproves of.

To set her apart.” Now the piece is available for purchase for any fan who is a Khaleesi on the inside.

For jewelry designers Yunus and Eliza, it was the fan response that helped drive the process. The duo spoke to US Magazine, saying “We have had such an amazing response to the dragon neck sculpture we made with Michele for Khaleesi, it has become iconic, with fans contacting us daily from around the world.”

These statement pieces may cost a pretty penny, but then again, Daenerys never does anything on the cheap.

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