A Vancouver teacher, identified as Cory Ray Steeves, has been suspended after it came to light that he showed his students a few controversial music videos in class during a lesson on satire.

A Lesson in Satire

The music videos in question were Lonely Island’s music video for “I’m On A Boat” and “Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce.

What happened in class

According to reports, Steeves had warned his English class beforehand over the content of the videos and even had given students the option of leaving the class if they thought they would be uncomfortable, and at least one student is said to have taken said option, but school officials still felt that Steeves’ actions had gone too far.Reportedly, the “Big Bad Wolf” video showcased simulations of urination and sexual acts, by featuring human heads appearing in place of people’s genitalia, which brings up the issue of showing sexual content to minors.The video for “I’m On A Boat” was also deemed too controversial for featuring profanity.

This was not an issue for "Big Bad Wolf," which is said to only feature a repetition of the title over and over.

What happens now?

In addition to the suspension, Steeves is also required by law to finish a course called “Reinforcing Respectful Professional Boundaries.” If Steeves fails to complete the course, he may risk losing his teaching qualification certification. For the time being, Steeves can also face potential investigation if the Commissioner finds it appropriate.That said, Steeves is said to have finished his suspension period, which included five days without payment, and has since returned to teaching his class.

Similar cases

In 2012, a similar case occurred when a Vancouver Island teacher had also faced suspension when showing a class of fourth graders a video of “MeleKalikimaka,” a Hawaiian Christmas songby Bette Midler, which came under fire for featuring “scantily-clad beach-goers.”

A similar case also occurred in 2010 when a teacher showcased Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance” for a third grade class.

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