Cameran Eubanks was accused of being a mean girl during Southern Charm Season 3, but was she really? Not according to her.Earlier this week, Eubanks posted a photo of herself sitting on a boat in a hat and right away, she was faced with backlash due to her Season 3 behavior. "Nice hat but the one wearing it, not so nice! Just saying...." a fan wrote.

After Cameran Eubanks' co-star, Shep Rose, came to her defense, telling the woman that Eubanks was one of the nicest people he knows, Eubanks shared a tweet of her own. It read, "I believe in the freedom of speech and just like I'm not fond of everyone, I don't expect everyone to be fond of me."Eubanks told another fan that she didn't thinkshe was being mean.

Cameran Eubanks has appeared on reality television before

Prior to landing a role on Southern Charm as the unofficial voice of reason, Eubanks was featured on the 14th season of The Real World, which was based in San Diego, California. And while the series often features 20-somethings acting out, she didn't find herself to be too offensive on the show.Days ago, she reacted to her time on the her first reality show. "I have no idea why people bring it up like it was a bad thing. The worst thing I did was get drunk," she explained.

Is Cameran Eubanks leaving 'Southern Charm?'

Following the Season 3 reunion of the Bravo reality series, rumors began swirling in regard to Eubanks' possible exit from the show.

After Eubanks posted a photo, reflecting on her time on Southern Charm, fans assumed she washinting that she had reached the end of her reality run.Luckily, that doesn't appear to be the case. At least, not yet.

At the end of last week, after Cameran Eubanks' suggestive tweet was shared, a source spoke to All About the Tea and confirmed no decisions regarding the Southern Charm Season 4 cast had been made."Bravo has not made any official announcement about the future of the show," the insider explained.

"I have not heard any talk of [Cameran Eubanks] leaving," the source added.

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