Calvin Harris is not happy with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. The DJ/singer took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to throw some serious shade at Tay after she revealed a big secret about him.

Taylor Swift confirmed this week that she wrote Calvin Harris' hit song, This Is What You Came For. Taylor reportedly recorded the first version of the song on her iPhone at her piano and sent it to her then-boyfriend, who loved it. The pair hopped in the studio together and Swift sang the vocals while Harris laid the beat for the track.

However, both Taylor and Calvin decided that they should keep the fact that they collaborated a secret, believing that it could overshadow the song.

So, Rihanna took over the vocals on the record and the track became a hit, which is still tearing up the charts.

Unfortunately, it was the song that became the beginning of the end for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. The day This Is What You Came For was released, Harris appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and said he would never work with Taylor.

Swift was upset by his comments and thought he took the situation too far. Just a few days later, Taylor attended the Met Gala where she met Tom Hiddleston, who is now her current boyfriend.

Calvin says Taylor wants to bury him like she did Katy Perry

Tay is now revealing that she did write the song, and Calvin decided to let everyone know how he felt about her recent move via his Twitter account.

Calvin tweeted, "I figure if you're happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do."

Harris also added that Swift just needed someone new to "bury" like he did with Katy Perry because she's off tour and has nothing better to do with herself.

As fans know, Taylor Swift isn't the kind of girl to let someone publicly criticize her without retaliation. This could mean that Tay will be speaking out about the situation on social media, in an interview, or her usual preferred method, in a revenge song.

Whatever happens, it's clear that these exes did not part on good terms.

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