It is of no surprise that this pop princess is not giving up so easily. Britney Spears' residency in Las Vegas with Planet Hollywood has been extended into 2017 and she has been making good use of her time. Who knew Sin City would be a positive influence, right?

With the release of her 9th album set to be out later this year, Britney has been making waves promoting what she calls, "her sexiest single yet," that matches up just in time for her new fragrance. They both are calledPrivate Show. With numerous photo shoots, appearances and collaborations with other relevant girls in the biz like Iggy Azalea and Arianna Grande, Spears is focused hard again on the climb in her work.

New video

With her dominatrix-like outfit as she slithers across the floor and showcases new dance moves, Britney uses her new video to not only promote her album, but has the business savvy to use it to promote her new scent. The fragrance, she says, "comes from her love of Dulce de Leche," while the new album album is coming from a different place that it has in the past for Britney. She says she "is in a mature place" and has grown into a sort of different brand and approach; less bubblegum and teeny bopper and more rock-ish.

Along with Miss Spears' new attitude and approach to her business, she seems to be on a better route in terms of her self-care as she is looking incredibly fit and sultry. Chock it up to a mindset that lead her to positive health choices and a ton of dancing, no doubt.

Her new album #B9 has been a project in the works for some time for her, and is really leaving everyone guessing. She has been spotted over the past year coming and going in studios with the likes of Canadian songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, DJ Mustard and DJ Burns [VIDEO] and disco legend Georgio Moroder, amongst many other epic music insiders.

The mom of two has never been one to have much of a private life. Growing up in the spotlight with all things being public simply means that once again Britney will face the music of her (last albums flop) and come back strong making her resurrection the focus of the public affairs. This time let's hope there is no 'oops' and that she just 'does it again'.

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