Bon Jovi gives guests a blast from the past as he does a surprise performance of his old hit "Livin’ on a Prayer"during a wedding reception. A video has been posted on YouTube of the lead singer reluctantly performing his 1986 hit single whilst attending a wedding reception in Miami as a guest.

Jon Bon Jovi was called up onto the stage by the wedding band who pretty much forced him to sing “Livin’ on a Prayer”. The video sees the 54-year-old rock singer sitting at a table near the stage when the lead singer of band in a slow version of Bon Jovi’s hit, before beckoning him up onto the stage to get him to sing with them.

Bon Jovi reluctantly joins in with wedding band singing his song

The wedding band lead singer was Lourdes Valentin, who was the one bringing Bon Jovi up on to the stage, it was quite clear that the rock star was not keen to take part but joined in anyway so as not to be rude. Valentin sang the first half of the song whilst the camera focused on Bon Jovi who smiled and nodded his head to the performance but seemed rather awkward.

Bon Jovi looks uncomfortable singing a jazz version of his song

The wedding singer danced and sang towards Bon Jovi before he finally gave in, took the microphone from the female singer’s hand and walked up on to the stage to join them in performing the rest of the song.

It must have been uncomfortable for Bon Jovi to sing an adapted version of his song which did not follow its original style. Bon Jovi intermittently cut in and out of singing the song, probably as a sign that he didn’t want to sing the whole thing, yet it would have been too awkward for him to leave the stage and sit back down at the table.

The wedding guests seemed thrilled to get a live performance from the famous singer and the wedding photographer focused her attention on Bon Jovi, making sure to get some close-ups and some shots of the rare performance. Jazz singer Lourdes Valentin took to Twitter after the event to boast of the performance, she tweeted “Singing with famous Jon Bon Jovi that was a thrill.”

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