Blake Shelton has loose lips when it comes to the upcoming season of the NBC hit singing competition show "The Voice." It appears that Blake took to social media and has recently let loose with a potential 'Voice' spoiler for season 11. Shelton a longtime fan favorite coach and superstar country singer shared a secret and according to reports is one no one saw coming.

Who is Blake Shelton's hero?

Shelton stated on social media that he has been busy taping shows for the popular "battle" rounds. "Battle" rounds are part of the competition that throws two team contestants aginst each other while performing a duet with only one remaining on the team at the end of the battle.

While season 11 filming of the "Voice" is said to be well underway, Blake Shelton revealed in one particular episode was filmed alongside someone very close to him.

Country Rebel reveals that they have been keeping a running list as to who Blake has revealed as his heroes along the way, names included have been Randy Travis and The Oakridge Boys. Or maybe, just maybe we are thinking too logically this time? What if the hero is maybe someone very close to Blake, someone who has shared a very personal experience, say such as his ex-wife country singer Miranda Lambert?

Will Miranda Lambert appear on season 11 of the 'Voice?'

We are not saying that is who it is, but that could be the hero that "no one saw coming" and what if they were to finally really bury the divorce hatchet, and Miranda and Gwen became real friends?

In past seasons Miranda has been on the show a number of times, but not since the former couple, who married in 2011 and divorced in 2015 went through a nasty divorce.

Just four months after their divorce Blake went public with the news that he was dating his "Voice" star judge competitor Gwen Stefani. The couple has since been the topic of numerous celebrity news rumors that have stated falsely that they were engaged, married and expecting babies a few times throughout their relationship course.

In December of last year, Miranda Lambert's relationship with R&B singer Anderson East was confirmed.

What are your thoughts could Blake Shelton be talking about Miranda Lambert, or do you believe he is speaking of one of his personal country singing idols?

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