Blake Shelton did something that not only surprised his fans, but it surprised some of his closest friends as well. He threw caution to the wind while recently playing a game of hoops before a concert by wearing something out of the norm for this country crooner. Shelton, who is usually dressed from head to toe, has probably not been seen in shorts out in publicsince passing puberty, but apparently while shooting hoops with Curtis and Brad Rempel of High Valley,he broke tradition.

Uncomfortable in your own skin

Being apprehensive about showing too much skinis not only reserved for the female population, as there are many men out there who are less than confident with the look of their body and opt to keep it undercover. Shelton has admitted to not being comfortable in his own skin when it is not wrapped in clothing, reports The Inquisitr.

Bottom half is pearly white

For Blake to don a pair of shorts,this is a big deal for him. Unfortunately playing a game of hoops in shorts has granted him a lot of attention, which is the last thing he wanted.

Because the sun doesn't shine on those legs they are whiter than white, almost a ghostly white. The tone of Shelton's legs were so noteworthy that High Valley had to post a picture of Blake'swhite appendages for the world to take a gander at on their Twitter page a while back and apparently the picture is becoming quite popular today.

Check out the white legs on this iconic country musiccrooner above!

It is safe to say the sun very seldom sees the lower half of Blake's body.

One thing you won't see is Blake shirtless, as there is no way he is taking off his shirt to play hoops or for any reason. He has said in the past that he has "man boobs" or "moobs" and a bit of a "gut," which is enough reason for him to stay away from going shirtless.In May Shelton told People Magazine that it is even hard for him to dress up because that entails trying to disguise his man boobs and gut.But it looks as though he is feeling more confident than he ever has.

Isconfidence boost viaGwen Stefani?

Many people believe it is Gwen Stefani that has boosted his confidence enough to strut his stuff in shorts today. It is hard to believe that such a handsome man could possibly find fault in his own looks, but donning shorts is a start for him to get past that. It just could be that the lady in his life has put him on a level of confidence he hasn't felt in a long time. Wearing shorts is one thing, but don't go looking for Blake to pop into a Speedo when heading off for the beach, even if he had the body of a weightlifter, he just doesn't seem the type.

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