The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement has gained support from dozens of Celebrities, including Stevie Wonder who was performing a set at the British Summertime festival in Hyde Park, London, when he spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and showed his support for the movement. Stevie Wonder, whose full name is Stevland Hardaway Judkins, gave a speech at the beginning of his concert saying “Black lives matter because we are the original people of this world.”

The 66-year-old was a head-liner at the British festival and is a long-time legend, so everyone was interested in hearing what he had to say about the shootings.

He played for almost four hours, but before starting he announced “Before I start the concert I’d like to say to all of you a few simple things. In this troubled time I want to say to all of your that I love you all. And I love you because I was blessed to be blind, it was a gift so that I could show those of you who have everything you have the blessing you have to use them all.”

Black Lives Matter’ because we are the original people of this world’, says Stevie Wonder

He carried on to say “In one sense I’m very happy that Songs In The Key Of Life are still significant almost 40 years later. In another sense I’m not happy about that. The reason is that the songs and the words that we talk abut, those conditions still exist in the world and that hurts my heart.”

“What I’m hopefully about is that we can make a difference.

And if you too feel that we can make a difference, I encourage you to choose love over ate. It’s just that simple. Choose love over hate, right over wrong, kind over meanness. Hope over no hope at all. Which brings me to another point, yes, all life does matter, but the reason that I say black lives matter is because we are the original people of this world.”

Stevie Wonder continues to say to the 65,000-strong crowd that we are all united, he says “in essence, everyone here has some black in you!

You’ve all got some soul in you so stop denying your culture. So love yourselves and all your family. That’s what I say.”

The soul singer’s emotional speech was hugely supported and received praise from the crowd that included celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Naomi Campbell, Bradley Cooper and Emeli Sande. He showed how strongly he felt about recent events saying “Tell all the leaders of the world to cut the bull...and fix it.

If I’m blind and I can see it, you can see it too.”

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