Blac Chyna caused a stir when she joined the family as Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend and now fiancée. None of the Kardashian or Jenner sisters were impressed by their brother’s choice in woman. Most recently Khloe Kardashian has refused to go out to eat with Rob and his pregnant fiancée as she says it is ‘Not part of the plan’.

A clip from KUWTK shows Khloe Kardashian speaking to Rob Kardashian and her ex-husband Lamar about the whole situation. Lamar brings the siblings together making Khloe question “What’s the point of this?”, to which Lamar responds “ you wanna go out to dinner with Rob soon...and Blac Chyna?”.

Khloe very bluntly replies saying “No that’s not part of the plan. It’s not Blac Chyna too.” Lamar tries to speak to Khloe to persuade her and find out more but Khloe says “No, I’m not going from A to Z.”

Blac Chyna and Khloe Kardashian are far from getting along

Khloe then says to the camera “I need to talk to Rob first, Rob and I just need to have a private conversation and just have a talk and let’s hash things out so we can move on and get out of this awkward space.”

One of the sisters who has already made an effort with Blac Chyna in the past is Kourtney, who in the clip tells friends “I used to like go on walks with her in the neighbourhood. Scott and I would hang out with Chyna and Tyga when he moved into our neighbourhood, I mean we’d go and just hang out at their house, we’d all go to dinner together with the kids. In the past Kim and I were friends with Chyna but I think that for everyone else like they’re guna have to get to know her from scratch.”

Blac Chyna used to be friends with Kim and Kourtney when she was with Tyga

It had seemed as though things were looking up when Blac Chyna went along to Khloe’s birthday party a couple of weeks ago, she took pictures with Kim and they looked as though they were friends again and as though Chyna had finally been accepted into the famous family. However, now it seems there is tension again and Khloe is particularly reserved about forming a friendship with her brother’s fiancée.

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