This summer in CBS' Big Brotherwe have several new twists. One of the twists is having three people on the chopping block rather than two. This Thursday, viewers will get to watch the second live eviction of the summer. Last week's eviction was pretty much a given as far as who was going home. Most of the viewers knew the house guests wanted thefamoous Jozea out of the house.

The plan succeeded.This weekis a little different: we see the guys wanting to evict Victor, who was a strong alliance member to Jozea. Most of the house was on board with this plan, up until the Power of Veto completion on Wednesday's episode of Big Brother.

The chopping block

Tiffany was placed on the block by the BB Road Kill – someone in the house who has won a competition and can place a third nominee on the chopping block. Tiffany has been in the shadows thus far into the game up until she was chosen as the third nominee. She started getting really paranoid and coming up with theories that they were trying to backdoor her.

The Head of Household and his alliance members started questioning this, but were still veryeager to get Victor out of the house. During the Power of Veto competition, one of the players started questioning Tiffany's paranoia. She was caught by Da'vonne, another competitor, counting her letters. Da'vonne was suspicious as to Tiffany's motives especially when the plan all along has been to keep her on the block, to ensure that Victor went up as a replacement nominee.

Suddenly, we see Da'vonne and a group of girls, Fatal Five alliance minus Tiffany, talking about possibly taking the chance and getting rid of Tiffany strictly because Da'vonne doesn't trust her and her paranoia is making her paranoid. News flash, it is the Big Brother house, paranoia is the only thing any house guest can really count on.

So who really has control of the house? Is it the Head of Household? Will it flip to be the all girlsalliance who has the control?There is a strong chance, the house could flip, leaving Victor and getting Tiffany out. Could this be a good thing or bad thing? Right now, with the numbers of the house, it would be smart to vote out the guys and let this finally be the summer of the girls.

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