With Victor returning to the"Big Brother" house we may see changes. One player can change the entire dynamic of the house and Victor has a great social game. He has the potential to be a key player with his return. Making it past the first nomination ceremony without aview of the "Big Brother" living room from the hot seat is a major accomplishment for him.

There have been several alliances come and go over the past 6 weeks.Victor was originallyteamed up with Jozea, which proved to be an ill-fated decision.

With his re-entry he has vowed to play the game keeping his eye on the final prize of $500,000.He has the opportunity to enter the game with knowledge of the players and the time behind him to regroup and change his strategy.

HOH and POV competitions held

The HOH was an endurance completion which was won by James. Remaining true to his alliance, he put Frank and Bridgette on the block. Whilenominating Frank and his closest ally togetheris a great game move, it may not be the bestmove for James's showmance with Natalie.She is unhappy that her friend was put on the block with Frank.

James has stated in no uncertain terms that Frank remains the target for eviction this week.By putting up Bridgette, James was able to remove a vote to keep Frank in the house.James plans to do whatever it takes to make sure Frank meets Julie Chen on Thursday night at the live eviction.

With BB Roadkill in the rearview mirror there will be no third nomination from this week forward. According to a Big Brother leak, Michelle was victorious in the POV completion.She will now have the decision to use the Power of Veto toremove one of James's nominations from the block or leave nominations the same.In the event she chooses to use the Power of Veto, James will have to name a replacement nominee.

Expect the unexpected

Julie Chen promises more twists as "Big Brother 18" moves forward.As long time, dedicated fans of "Big Brother" we all know to "expect the unexpected". Not just from production but from our beloved houseguests as well.Things change quickly in the "Big Brother" house.

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