Whenthe live show of 'Big Brother'ended on Thursday after Frank's eviction, the Perfect Shot game was underway to determine the next Head of Household. Paul was victorious and won the most powerful seat in the house with a perfect score of 21. He is greatly enjoying his reign over the house this week, sporting the HOH robe wherever he goes. He and Paulie have had a lot of discussions regarding which houseguests should go when and a final two deal between themselves.

Who was nominated for eviction from the 'Big Brother' house?

One of the duties of Head of Household in 'Big Brother' is to name two nominees for the eviction. When Paul first won the HOH he said he wanted to target Bridgette this week and needed a pawn to go up with her. After much discussion, it was agreed that Paulie would take that spot. As promised, at the nomination ceremony Paulie named Bridgette and Paulie to go on the block to face eviction. Bridgette immediately went to Paul for reassurance that she was safe, which he gave to her.

He told her he had a backdoor plan in place and to trust him.

Who holds Power of Veto and what is the plan?

The Power of Veto was held to determine which 'Big Brother' houseguest would have the power to veto one of Paul's nominations. According to "Joker's Updates," Paulie managed to win the POV and will of course remove himself from the block. This works great for the plan worked out by Paul and Paulie, however.

The target has shifted from Bridgette to Da'Vonne this week. Once Paulie removes himself from the block, Da'Vonne will be put up by Paul as a replacement nominee. This will allow the 'Big Brother' houseguests to backdoor her because there will be no chance to compete to save herself. All we can hope for is the Return Trip ticket to be in her envelope from the Secret Room.

We have already seen several game changers this season.

The end of BB Roadkill brought us back to only two nominees each week. The Battle Back allowed Victor to return to the 'Big Brother' house. The Secret Room provided envelopes fora possibility to have an evicted houseguest immediately return. America's Care Package offers things to the winning houseguest that may help them in the game.Julie Chen alwaystells us to "expect the unexpected."

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