Tonight we watched asFrank unanimously became the 6th houseguest evicted from the 'Big Brother' house. Once outside the house,hedelivered his envelope from the Secret Room to Julie Chen with the hope of finding a Return Trip ticket back into the game. Though he was disappointed, the house is breathing a sigh of relief. Frank has been the target from the very beginning of James's HOH. With the eviction of Frank, James's HOH was a success. Several of the'Big Brother'houseguests had waited weeks to watch the door close behind Frank as he reunited with Julie.

Who is our 7th Head of Household?

The Head of Household competition wasPerfect Shot. Each 'Big Brother' houseguest was given a yellow and a red ball to roll down a very narrow andcrooked board. The yellow was to practice and could berolled as many times as they wanted. The red ball, however is the one that counted and could only be used once. The goal was a perfect shot or at least to land in thehighest number possible in order to become the next HOH. At the end of the competition, Paul was the new HOH.

With the change in power each week the entire environment changes in the 'Big Brother' house. The difference this season is that by this point in the game usually the line is drawn in the sand between alliances. We have insteadseen the house pull together to evict players. This week weshould see thatbegin to change.Paul's allies will surface and rally behind him as the target is placed squarely on the back of a member of the opposing alliance.

The lines will be drawn and the plotting willbegin.

Time to vote, America. We get to have an impact on the game!

Each week we will have the chance to send an America's Care Package to a player. Once a houseguest receives a Care Package, they are then ineligible to receive another one. Each Care Package will offer an advantage in the game. The first Care Package we will be sending to a 'Big Brother' houseguest will be a Never-Not Pass.The holder will not be a Have Not for the remainder of the game.

We can each vote up to 20 times per day online.

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