The 'Big Brother' house got a new HOH last night in the Perfect Score game. Paul was the winner of the completion, assuming the role of power for the week.

Each HOH is responsible for nominating two houseguests for eviction. According to 'Joker's Updates' immediately after Paul won the competition he told his allies that Bridgette would be his target for evictionthis week.

There was a lot of talk about who Paul would name as a pawn to sit next to Bridgette on the block.

Who were the options for the pawn nomination?

Paul really wanted to have Nicole go up next to Bridgette. When he talked to her about it, Nicole very nicely made it clear that she did not want to be on the block.

Corey and Paulie assured her she would be safe from eviction but she was still unwilling to be the pawn and offered up the names of other 'Big Brother'houseguests who she felt would make better pawns. Paulie volunteered to become the pawn causing Nicole to feel guilty and offer to go on the block.

So who are the nominees?

When the nomination ceremony happened on Friday afternoon, Paul did nominate Bridgette as he had planned. The pawn nominee is Paulie.

After the ceremony, Paul spoke with Bridgette, who was looking for reassurance that she was not his target for eviction.

He told her that Da'Vonne is a threat in the 'Big Brother'house and is his target to be backdoored. He even apologized for being so harsh to her in his nomination speech.

The Power of VetoCompetition will be the next step. When it is held, the victorious 'Big Brother' houseguest will emerge with the Power of Veto.

They will have the option to leave nominations the same or to veto one of the nominations made by Paul.

If that happens, he will have to name a replacement nominee to take the spot of the nominee saved by the Power of Veto.

There is still the twist in play of the envelopes retrieved from the Secret Room.

Each 'Big Brother' houseguest holds an envelope. In the event they are evicted, Julie Chen will open the envelope to reveal their ticket.

A Return Trip Ticket sends them back into the game while a One Way Ticket sends them home.

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