Julie Chen, the host of "Big Brother 18", promised us a new twist when the BB Roadkill ended.We have had the teams come to an end and allhouse guests start to play the game individually.

The Battle Back took place and Victor earned his way back into the house to compete for the $500,000 grand prize. The next twist has begun!

How did the houseguests learn of it?

According to "Joker's Updates", earlier this evening the television in the living room of the "Big Brother" house began to display a series ofmessages.

The first said, "Clues to the secret".

The second message said, "Are all around you".The final message said, "You may want to keep it to yourself". As houseguests woke up from naps they noticed it. Eventually, the entire house was on a search for clues.

As the live feed cameras zoomed in and out on various things in the house, in between fish,it became apparent that the cities on the posters throughout the "Big Brother" house were actually clues.

Couple that information with information from the Departure Board and the houseguests were able to figure out a number to dial into the phone.

Which houseguest entered the Secret Room first?

As the houseguests searched frantically throughout the "Big Brother" house, Paul managed to put the clues together and dial the right numbers into the phone.

As he listened to the instructions he asked others to help keep Frank and Bridgette occupied so that they did not see what numbers he entered.

Once Paul gained entry into a red tunnel he was clear to make his way to the Secret Room!There were 12 envelopes for him to select from.

The instructions said for him not to open the envelope unless he was evicted because one envelope will contain a Roundtrip Ticket allowing the holder to remain in the game.

Once Paul emerged from the Secret Room he was very vague to his fellow "Big Brother" houseguests. He didn't want to tell them the code he entered or how many envelopes there were.

Victor, the second one to enter the Secret Room, was not so secretive once he emerged with his envelope.

He entered codes for several other houseguests.

Michelle entered last to retrieve the final envelope. Now we wait and see which luckyhouseguest got the coveted Roundtrip Ticket!

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