On Sunday night the first HOH competition was aired since the return of Victor as the winner of the Battle Back competition.James was crowned HOH after cutting a deal with both Da'Vonne and Bridgette, promising them both safety in exchange for them throwing him the HOH. As we saw in the Nomination Ceremony, James opted not to honor the deal as he put Bridgette on the block next to her ally Frank.

What happens if the POV is used?

In the event Michelle uses the Golden Power of Veto to remove one of James's nominations, James will be required to name a replacement nominee.

If Michelle decides not to use the POV then the nominations will remain the same and either Frank or Bridgette will be evicted from the "Big Brother" house.

There has been a lot of talk in the house among the 'Big Brother' houseguests regarding possible replacement nominations in the event Michelle uses the Golden Power of Veto. Last night on 'Big Brother After Dark' James spoke with Zakiyah regarding the possibility of having her become the replacement nominee if Michelle does use the POV. Natalie, James's showmance, listened intently as the possibility was discussed.

She is not happy that her friend Bridgette is on the block at the hand of her romantic interest who is currently the HOH.

Golden Power of Veto Ceremony

Today the Golden Power of Veto Ceremony was held. According the Joker's Updates Michelle opted not to use the POV, leaving James's nominations on the block to face eviction on the live show Thursday night.Michelle and Bridgette had gotten into an argument shortly before the POV Ceremony over gossip in the house.

This tiff could have possibly sealed the fate of Bridgette to remain on the block next to her ally Frank. One of them will be leaving the game this week.

Several times James has stated that Frank is his target for eviction this week. He has remained solidly decided from the moment he won the HOH competition. The other houseguests appear to be in line with this decision. At this point it appears that Frank will be leaving, but as always, expect the unexpected.

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