Beyonce’s daughter is only 4-years-old but it seems she is already a diva just like her mom, she is a mini Queen Bey already! Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles posted a photo of her young niece wearing a fierce hot pink outfit, posing like a model as her shades rest on her nose and she casually leans against the wall.

Beyonce’s daughter does mini photo-shoot with Solange Knowles

Seeing as you only really need to be famous nowadays to land yourself a modelling contract we might as well give Blue Ivy her contract now. Solange shared two photos of the cute 4-year-old, Blue looks comfortable posing in front of the camera and showing off her bright outfits.

Solange posted a picture of Blue Ivy and captioned it #ProudAuntieSolange, she said that Blue “does her OWN photo edits/ she should”.Beyonce has always controlled her pubic image and has controlled which photos of her are taken off the internet, it seems her daughter is just the same.

One of the photos is of Blue doing a sweet smile and holding her hands together in her leg, Solange wrote “Gucci campaigns can’t even touch her with a pinky toe.”

Beyonce once criticized for neglecting Blue Ivy’s hair

Beyonce has been criticized in the past for leaving Blue with matted hair and not looking after it. The internet started criticising the ‘Single Ladies’ singer back in 2014 and an appeal called ‘Comb her hair’ was started on ‘’.

The petition received over 2,600 signatures and some very harsh comments, one member wrote “I hate when a mother looks like a million dollars with their hair all done and the child looks like they haven’t seen a comb since they were born.”

New Yorker Jasmine Tolliver was one of the ones to express her opinion on Beyonce’s lack of attention to Blue Ivy’s hair, she wrote “As a woman who understands the importance of hair care, it’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy, Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyonce has failed at numerous attemps of doing Blue Ivy’s hair. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy’s hair.”

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