Bethenny Frankel decided to return toThe Real Housewives of New Yorklast year after being offered an opportunity to return to the show that made her successful. Bethenny accepted the offer to return, because she felt ready to go back on television and share everything in her life. When she left the show a few years ago, she was ready to get married. Now, she's fighting one of the nastiest divorces in Real Housewiveshistory.

According to a new report, Bethenny Frankel is now being accused of pulling the strings behind the scenes, asking her co-stars to stop talking about her divorce.

Of course, several of the housewives are supposedly being asked not to bring up his name, as it could hurt her in the divorce.

Her messy divorce from Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel's messy divorce started a few years ago when she decided to end the marriage. He appeared to be very upset about her decision to end the marriage and he refused to move out of their apartment. They are currently still battling, as he wants more money from the Skinnygirl business mogul.

Bethenny is very outspoken, but she's choosing not to say anything about her divorce.

She can legally not say too much anyway, but one can imagine she wants to protect her daughter and protect her business assets. Bethenny Frankel may also keep silent out of respect for the past. But that doesn't mean her co-stars can't say much. Carole Radziwill has previously said that Jason is keeping Bryn from Bethenny, especially during scheduled calls.

Bethenny does talk about her divorce -- in private

One can imagine that Frankel and Carole does talk about her divorce, as she does open up about some feelings on The Real Housewives of New York.Fans of the show just don't get to see this. And this could be why Carole and Bethenny are so close.

“Bethenny needs an ally on the cast, so it’s important for her to keep Carol around,” a show insider reveals, adding,“Producers don’t want Carol for season 9, but Bethenny will get her way.

She always does.”

What do you think ofBethenny Frankel calling the shots?

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