"Basketball Wives LA" premieres tonight on VH1 and from all the buzz surrounding the show, it's looking to be a drama-filled season. As with past seasons, there is always a little bit of tension between the "BBWLA" veterans and the newbies. After Tami Roman goes toe-to-toe with one of the newest members of the cast, it becomes pretty clear that nothing has changed.

Veterans vs. newbies on 'Basketball Wives LA'

Based on some of the earliest "BBWLA" teasers for Season 5, Reality TV veterans Tami Roman and Jackie Christie will be facing off against LaTosha Duffey and Angel Love. It seems that the older women want to make sure that the newbies know the pecking order and give them the respect that they deserve.

This is nothing new and similar struggles play out each season and with each new crop of girls. During the last season, to prove the divide between the women, then-newbie Mehgan James set up a dodgeball game between the older cast members and the newer ones and it looked like maybe the women made a few truces. Fans know how that goes though and no one tends to stay drama-free for very long on "Basketball Wives LA."

Tami Roman has already said that the upcoming Season 5 of the hit VH1 reality show is "petty, childish and a hot mess" in recent interviews.

Old feuds will continue on 'BBWLA'

In addition to the ongoing feud between old and new, there is also reportedly going to be more fighting between Shaunie and Brandi.

After Season 4, it's pretty surprising that Brandi Maxiell came back at all. At least she brought one of her Dallas, Texas native friends with her.

DJ Duffey will also be on"BBWLA" this season and has made it clear that she won't be bowing down to anyone whether they are a veteran or not. Duffey is a well-known DJ and is also dating a basketball agent.

The outspoken friend of Brandi Maxiell is sure to turn up the heat. It will also give her friend an ally when things get heated with Shaunie O'Neal again.

Tune in to the Season 5 premiere of "Basketball Wives LA' On VH1 on Sunday at 9/8c.

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