Basketball Wives LAis coming back to VH1 and it looks like season 5 will be just as drama-filled as ever. Returning cast members include Shaunie O'Neal, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Angel Brinks. With additions like LaTosha Duffey and Angel Love, fans may not even miss the fact that Draya Michele refuses to return.

Within the first few seconds of the Basketball Wives LAtrailer, Shaunie is already seen fighting with Brandi before it looks like she fires the BBWLA vet for daring to fight with the boss. Don't forget, in addition to being one of the stars of the show, O'Neal is also the executive producer and gets to decide who leaves and who joins theVH1 reality show.

It turns out that LaTosha Duffey is a friend of Brandi Maxiell and she also happens to beengaged to basketball agent Iman Shokouhizadah. The problem with that friendship and Duffey's addition to the show is that Brandi's other friend Malaysia Pargo is not a fan.

Brandi Maxiell returns to BBWLA

In the clip, we see that Brandi almost doesn't even return to BBWLA. After sparring so much with Shaunie O'Neal in the previous season, she is seen really giving a return to Reality TV some thought. Thank goodness she gets to bring a friend along.

Jackie Christie is also back despite not knowing exactly who she is friends with anymore. As usual, Jackie is working hard to pronounce words she obviously isn't familiar with and she's busy telling some TMI details of her relationship with Doug Christie that literally no one else wants to hear about.

It looks like Jackie might not be around much longer if she ends up moving with Doug. The former Sacramento Kings star has been working to get a coaching position that might take the family out of Los Angeles.

Two Angels on season 5 of BBWLA

There are two Angels in town now. The original Angel brought her friend Angel Love along for the ride too.

The new Angel is dating former Washington Wizards player DeJuan Blair, which makes her as much of a basketball wife as many of the women to star on the show.

Season 5 of"Basketball Wives LA" begins on VH1 on Sunday July 17th at 9/8c.

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