It looks like the Bachelorette had some awkward moments during a hometown visit last night as two empty chairs at the dinner table were a reminder of who was not there from Jordan Rodgers' family. Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher was the first to point out the elephant in the room by referencing the unoccupied chairs, which is where Jordan's Green Bay Packers' quarterback brother and his girlfriend would have sat. Aaron Jordan is probably the more famous of the two NFL brothers and his long-time girlfriend is Olivia Munn, the actress.

She was not mentioned at all on Monday night's episode.

Brothers Jordan and Aaron estranged.

JoJo could tell that her suitor, the former NFL player Jordan, was struggling with this fall-out he seemingly had with his brother after he announced last week on the Bachelorette that the two haven't spoken in two years. Why the football playing brothers are estranged is not known and before going to Jordan's parent's home JoJo and Jordan touched on the subject, reports Xfinity Entertainment News.

Elephant in the room at hometown visit.

JoJo asked Jordan if she should not discuss this estrangement with Aaron before going to his parent's home and he said "It doesn't need to be a topic." He added, "I'll just tell them we talked about it." Well, that wasn't the case. JoJo pointed out the two empty chairs at the dinner table and said she knew that they probably wished Aaron was in one of those chairs.

Aaron's actress girlfriend.

According to NESN, blogger Reality Steve said that he believes this estrangement started around the time Aaron started dating Olivia Munn. Steve also said that he believes the family is not fans of the actress. So far fans of the Bachelorette have only heard Jordan address this without any details. He said, "Not having a great relationship with my brother Aaron, or what people think that relationship should be, didn't define me.

I'm defined by the characterI have. It's just kind of the way he's chosen to do life, and I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother." He is talking about his other brother, Luke Rodgers, who also joined the family for the hometown visit.

Family dynamics.

Luke shared his feelings with JoJo about how he and the rest of the family miss his brother Aaron, but he also told her that talking about it is painful for the family, so it is something they just don't discuss. Ed Rodgers, Jordan's father, defended his son Jordan when he was accused of acting a bit "entitled" on the Bachelorette.

Jordan's father said that fame has a way of changing people and he acknowledged that the family is in the media a lot, especially Aaron.

But what he did say about Jordan is that fame didn't change him and it won't change him in any way. Besides one brother missing from the dinner table, the Bachelorette hometown visit went well. Jordan did say he wishes he could have introduced JoJo to Aaron. JoJo walked away a little perplexed after meeting such wonderful people, she couldn't understand why Aaron would not want to be part of his family's lives.

Not so much as a whisper has been heard from Aaron Rodgers since this estrangement has been in the headlines recently because of the Bachelorette show.

If he by chance tuned into last night's show maybe he will realize how much he is missed by some pretty wonderful people!

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