The beautiful Kourtney Kardashian just found out she's pregnant with baby #4, but she's not 100% on who is the father according to sources. Everyone was sure it was Scott's since he has been trying to make things work with Kourtney. But then she threws a curve ball and ventured off with Justin Bieber for the holiday weekend. So now everyone is confused to whom this bundle of joy could belong to. Its no surprise that there is some kind of interesting news, we are talking about a Kardashian after all.

Does Scott have a chance?

Kourtney fuels the rumors that her and Justin are a couple, and says that she isn't ready to give Scott another chance. Kourtney Kardashian (37)was firstsighted with Justin (22) in October of last year, just months after she and Disick (33) called it quits after dating for nine years. Since then, she has spent time with both men but seems to have deep feelings for Justin. She of course already has three children with Scott (Mason 6, Penelope4, Reign 1) so it really wouldn't be the end of the world if the baby was his.

While that wouldn't be so bad, she has joked around about co-parenting a mini Bieber with Justin. Either way, Kourtney say this is her worst nightmare according to an insider.

Scott really is trying to prove his worth.

Scott has recently stopped drinking and doing drugs according to an insider. He is very upset and sick over Kourtney and Justin. Hedesperately wants to be the father of the baby but knows that Justin could possibly be the father says a source.

Scott is trying his best to get back with Kourtney and be a good father to their children. He even tried to be with her for her birthday as we saw from this Sunday’s new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney planned to celebrate her 37th birthday with her sisters in Iceland, and once Disick heard of the celebration plan, he immediately considered joining them on the trip. However, after Kris Jenner learned of his plan, she hinted that Kourtney would prefer him to stay and be with the kids.

So a baby may just help these two find the romance they once had.

Who is the daddy? I guess a paternity test is the next step in figuring out the latest Kardashian mystery.

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