As a married mother of four boys, Haley Hallock knows what it means to be busy. The term “soccer mom” may come to mind. But it’s more than that. She volunteers at her son’s school, she’s a fashion model, she’s a musician, and she’s a therapist who just opened her own practice. Multi-tasking barely begins to explain how she keeps everything running smoothly. I convinced her to slow down long enough to ask her about her modeling and her practice, and got a quick glimpse into the mind of this multi-faceted gem.

Michael J Wells: Most people who know you as a model don’t know you as a therapist and vice versa.

How do you manage your life while juggling these two very different worlds?

Haley Hallock: I have chosen to keep much of Stitched Head and Heart Project (the name of her practice) separate from my modeling for some time; however, I am aware that they cross streams to some degree. Managing the worlds is interesting from time to time, but I find that they supplement each other in many ways as well. I greatly enjoy both and my musical endeavors.

MJW: Where will the new office be located?

HH: We are located in Cave Creek (just north of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona).

MJW: Will the same services be offered at the new location?

HH: Yes! We will provide both hypnosis and PSYCH-K techniques.

MJW: This past Saturday, July 2, was your grand opening and I understand that you had a reading.

Can you provide a little info about that?

HH: Our grand opening featured special guest Melissa Teel-Hartman, who is an Intuitive Soul Coach and Medium. She provided readings for a $10 donation.

MJW: Is your client list growing faster than you had expected?

HH: I have been beyond blessed in my clientele!

The people I work with are so courageous and fearless in meeting their goals!

MJW: How is the move going to affect your modeling? Won’t you be spending more time with patients?

HH: I will continue to wear the many hats that I do throughout the entire process! I love keeping very busy with new and exciting projects!

MJW: Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years?

HH: I love this question! I see myself continuing to model, sing, play music and help others to be their best, but on a much grander scale! I couldn't be more excited about my future! I have built this business from the ground up and it's my baby!

MJW: What drives you as a therapist?

HH: What drives me is seeing people flourish! I see people with great potential setting aside their best for faulty beliefs that don't support their higher good. It truly breaks my heart and if I can help to create re-framing those untruths I am a blessed individual!

MJW: What drives you as a model?

HH: Modeling is my creative release. I simply love collaborating with visionaries and aiding in creating a beauty in the world.

MJW: Who is/was your favorite psychiatrist/psychologist? Why?

HH: Carl Jung is my favorite psychologist because he incorporated much of the Freudian technique, but brought in spirituality as well.

MJW: Who’s your favorite model? Why?

HH: Cindy Crawford will always be my childhood idol as a model. She was natural and flawless, genuine and kind.

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