Archer has always been a bold show, unafraid to stray from the median in order to deliver some genuine quality. The show already departed from its overall arc in Season 5 to give us Archer Vice, a hilarious experiment that saw the gang try to make a living by being drug dealers. The former spy agency undergoes yet another cosmetic makeover in the latest season, as we now see Archer and his team working as a private investigation firm.

The Figgis agency.

Thanks to complications that no one really cares about, ISIS has been converted into The Figgis agency; another desperate attempt by Malory Archer to keep the business afloat until the next big break comes along.

Thanks to a wonderful ad campaign by Cyril (posters of dog dressed like Sherlock Holmes holding a magnifying glass in his mouth), word spreads quickly about the new P.I firm, and the gang manages to nail their first high profile client pretty quickly. The new client though is nothing but trouble for the firm, a former Hollywood starlet looking to keep a few unflattering secrets safe. The gang never really recovers from the troubles sparked by this encounter, and the central plot of the season revolves around the friction created by the first case.

Archer the father.

As individual members of the team manage to get into their own share of absurd situations, including drug-induced bets and encountering their own clones, the major B-plot of the season is centered on Archer and Lana’s relationship. You would think that they would pull their act together after having a child, but Archer’s libido manages to best their loyalty to each other. It is quite entertaining to watch Archer attempt to mature into a decent, selfless human being, but you also know the process involves a lot of liquor.

A classic in the making.

The seventh season of most shows involves the audience having created a certain comfort zone with the characters. Archer is one of those rare animated series that manages to keep you on your toes, both in terms of writing and storytelling. You are constantly treated with memorable guest appearances as well, massively boosting the already stellar voice-over cast that keeps the show afloat.

The snappy one-lines never cease, neither do the references, entendres or innuendoes. Amidst the heap of pop-culture induced subtext and thematic influences, there is a whole lot of action, melodrama, absurdity and cyborgs, that’s right, cloned cyborgs. Archer keeps you guessing, seven seasons in, and it shows no sign of halting, unless of course, you see the DANGER ZONE!

Did you like the new season of Archer? What was your favorite episode? Where do you think they will go next? What did you make of the insane finale? Please leave your comments below.

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