Anna Kendrick is perhaps most well known as Jessica Stanley in the Twilight franchise as Bella Swan's best friend, or you may remember her from Pitch Perfect. However, it seems that even with her fame, she can’t act like Taylor Swift when it comes to interacting with fans.

The Edit Cover Girl for the Second Time.

Recently, the Academy Awards Best Supporting Actress nominee for Up in the Airposed for the second time as cover-girl for The Edit, Net-a-Porter's weekly digital publication. She was photographed by Steven Pan, a photography artist with an impressive portfolio.

Lack of downtime.

The 30-year-old Pitch Perfect star discussed her lack of downtime, as well as her being weird with fans.

She admitted that she is nothing like the Shake it Off singer, Taylor Swift. Swift is known to be polite and kind when it comes to connecting with fans online and even in person. She had even reportedly invited several supporters to her house to listen to her 1989 album in 2014. Anna Kendrick says she is a role model for the School of Celeb Perfectionism. The actress said that she would not want to meet with people and make it a bad experience for them, but she is more likely to say something snarky and hope that people will understand that is just her way of relating to people.

Anna Kendrick is the Most Real Person on Twitter.

It was being said that Anna Kendrick has a funny and dry humor -- the most real person on social media.

Aside from this, she is known to have the best one-liner quips and tweets. A couple of examples from her tweets are that she "likes her men like she likes her coffee: silent," and she also stated that she is so humble, that she is the "Kanye West of humility."Anna Kendrick doesn’t mind her reputation as being sarcastic.

However, when she is snarky with people, they usually know that it was just how she communicates. Apart from this, she is relieved that people understand her sense of humor.

Her Prominent Roles.

Like Taylor Swift, Anna has a large fan following - mainly girls and women. As she was known to be funny but snarky, many still like her.

Nevertheless, she was known to portray her characters very well like in the Twilight saga, Pitch Perfect, Up in the Air, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, being released July 8.

Anna Kendrick mentioned that she’s just glad that most people understand her dry sense of humor and sarcastic attitude, so she doesn’t have to struggle to be polite all the time.

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