In 2001, horror writer Neil Gaiman came out with an incredible book called American Gods. It's a masterpiece in it's own right, but it typically has played second fiddle to Gaiman's Sandman series. The subject matter was about a war between the old gods and the new gods. So, in the spirit of the book, here's a look at what constitutes a god according to Gaiman and the Bible.

The sin of idolatry

Before defining what Gaiman specifies as a god, it must first be explained what it is. Idolatry, or worshiping another god, is anything that takes away praise from the God of the Bible and it's characteristics are extreme love or admiration for something or someone.

Now, if you've read American Gods, the "new gods" don't seem like gods. Instead, they seem like harmless everyday entertainment, but a closer look willillustrate Gaiman's point.

Worshiping the boob tube

For someone who is an avid television watcher, it's hard to even fathom T.V. being a psuedo god, but if you think about it, people do spend hours in front of the television. In fact, people seem to worship the things and the people they see on the television. In the novel, this god was called Media.

To explain, fans fawn over celebrities and T.V. shows. They know all of the character names, the actors who play them and some even show up to conventions to see these stars.If the star happens to be a musician, they watch all of their videos, know the lyrics to all of their songs and submit praise to them at their concerts. There's a reason why they're called rock gods or even why Simon Cowell named his show American Idol.People have substituted the word worship for fandom, but it's all really the same thing.

Gaiman was just the first to explain it so eloquently.

If you want to go deeper, Odin and Loki are two of the old gods in the book. These are both character names from the Thor movie franchise. Thor, himself, is the god of lightning. So, if this were looked at in light of the book, modern society has found a way to worship old gods by using the new god of Media.

Internet gods

Technical Boywas introduced as a "new god".

He's your basic internet hacker nerd. Now for clarification, we're going to use a South Park reference. In the episode, Make Love, Not Warcraft, the four young boys go on an online quest to win the game of Warcraft. They don't leave their computers to eat, sleep or poop and in the process, their bodies become out of shape and their faces become acne-filled. This is exactly what Technical Boy looks like and unfortunately, so do the countless other people who spend an abnormal amount of hours on the internet.They actually neglect their personal care in order to show adoration to a game or hobby that shouldn't matter.

That's worship 101.

The Black Hats and Intangibles

The Black Hats and Intangibles aren't difficult to describe. The Black Hats are basically spy/government worship (think X-Filesor The Adjustment Bureau) and the Intangibles are the stock market guys. If you've ever seen someone from Wall Street have a meltdown because of the market's frequent fluctuations, then you know all too well that this is a "new god".

To take it further, the films Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street are all about corporate greed and feature stock brokers breaking all kinds of laws to shift the market in their favor. Really, the Intangibles should be called greed, because this is purely the love of money.

Coming to a television near you

Now that you've had your crash course in American Gods, you're ready for the show. Currently the Starz network is in production on a T.V. show based on the book. It's set to premiere in 2017 and it stars Gillian Anderson of TheX-Files fame. Ironically, she is playing Media.

In the clip below, Ricky Whittle (The 100)describes his character,Shadow Moon,the mortal caught in between the war of the gods. Chalk it upcoincidence, but the interview takes place on the American Idol red carpet. It's almost like Gaiman scripted it himself.

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